Friday, 20 January 2012

Highway Rules!!

Wanna go for l o n g drive ??

Then get ur vehicles and hit the highways...
The life of highways goes long way, always waiting for you!!
Thru the hills thru the tunnels, roaring and soaring..
The highway has its own rules, own way of lifestyle..
Find cars and trucks and find some bikers going crazy on the highway..
Tavera and Innova are the people carrier,
Scorpio and Safari are the roadster cheetah..
City and Verna being executives, Logan my all favourite.
Find some cutees like i10/20 or Jazz going all the way thru,
and the only ICONIC VW Beetle on the go
u'll be lucky if u see any Maruti 800 going by there..

Find any fuel pump,
use it like u own it
just like a newspaper:use and throw..
Need any help, just call the emergency no. 
and if u dont have any, just hit 108 and the help will be there..

But dont forget, highway has its own rules,

dont mess with truckers, or u'll be bullied such that there'll be no clue of u.. 
Abide by the rules and highways for transportation can be the flyways for life..
Its the lifeline for country joining the cites to cities and towns
and take to the spots u have never imagined,
some mind blowing while scary could be some places..

The days may be sunny or it may get cloudy,
the night may be dark or it may be moonlit,
but the ultimatum of highway,
just go on and on and on...


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy..
gud work! :-)

PD said...

nice one....
Kyare jay 6e long Drive par special one saathe...